Situated approximately 5 km south of Galle town, the picturesque coastal village of Unawatuna is a highly sought-after destination. This captivating beachfront offers a unique appeal, thanks to its naturally sheltered ocean waters and stunning sandy beaches.

Unawatuna is renowned for its exceptional swimming and snorkeling conditions, making it a vibrant and popular beach location. The area is adorned with a variety of dining and accommodation options, perfectly complementing the lively ambiance of the beach. Exploring the coral reef that protects the shoreline is a fascinating adventure for snorkelers and scuba divers, while the calm and shallow waters are ideal for swimming. Unawatuna’s alluring charm attracts visitors year-round, establishing it as a captivating beach resort that holds a special place in the hearts of beach lovers.


The picturesque coastal village of Unawatuna is situated approximately 5 km south of Galle town. This captivating stretch of beach is highly coveted for its naturally sheltered ocean waters and pristine sandy beaches.

Located on Sri Lanka’s western coast, around 150 km north of Colombo, Kalpitiya is a peninsula nestled between the Puttalam lagoon and the Indian Ocean. This stunning coastal area showcases a diverse landscape comprising mangrove swamps, salt pans, expansive plains, and sandy beaches.

For nature enthusiasts, Kalpitiya is an idyllic haven. Its main attraction is the Bar Reef, a coral reef boasting unparalleled biodiversity that cannot be found elsewhere in the waters surrounding the Indian Subcontinent. Extending from the northern tip of the peninsula to the islands nestled between the Gulf of Mannar and the Portugal Bay, this pristine coral reef, designated as a marine sanctuary, is home to a remarkable array of 283 species of marine life and 156 species of coral. The Kalpitiya peninsula is peppered with charming fishing villages, creating an enchanting backdrop for any holidaymaker. The main town of Kalpitiya showcases remnants of its colonial past with notable attractions like St. Peter’s Kerk Church and the Dutch Fort. For those who prefer not to dive to explore the reef, boat rides can be arranged to explore the captivating coastline and also offer opportunities for observing whales and dolphins that inhabit the ocean waters in the area.


Kalukudah, similar to its neighboring beach Passikudah, is a renowned coastal stretch located on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. Situated within the Batticaloa region, it takes approximately eight hours to reach from the capital city of Colombo.

This area is steadily emerging as a popular tourist destination, witnessing the establishment of numerous guesthouses and hotels. Kalukudah is particularly appealing to families due to its safe swimming and snorkeling conditions. Immerse yourself in the realm of tropical fish and breathtaking coral reefs, and delight in the marvels of nature at your own pace. Although the tranquil waters may not be suitable for surfing, they create an ideal environment for beachside relaxation. Moreover, since the area is currently not overcrowded, visitors can relish a secluded vacation, basking in the warm sunshine and refreshing themselves in the crystal-clear ocean waters. With an increasing range of amenities and services being provided, Kalkudah presents an incredible and worthwhile destination to explore.


Ambalangoda, often overshadowed by the more popular beach resort of Hikkaduwa, is a gem that is sometimes overlooked by visitors. However, this charming town has a tranquil appeal and retains an authentic village atmosphere.

The local community greets visitors with genuine curiosity and warmth. One of the highlights of Ambalangoda is its renowned traditional mask making, and observing these skilled craftsmen at work is truly captivating. Additionally, the town boasts beautifully carved wooden doors, lintels, screens, and hand-woven cotton, showcasing its rich craftsmanship. If you’re fortunate, you may have the opportunity to witness an authentic devil dance, a spiritual performance aimed at warding off malevolent spirits. It is an experience that will leave a profound impression.

Situated on the southwest coast, Ambalangoda offers miles of uncrowded beaches for you to enjoy. The town is also home to quaint shops, including antique stores, where you can explore and find unique treasures. Don’t miss the bustling fish market, which adds to the vibrant ambiance of the area. With its cultural attractions and serene coastal beauty, Ambalangoda is sure to captivate and entertain you in the most delightful way.
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Nilaveli, situated in the Trincomalee district, is a beach paradise that will make you believe you’ve found heaven on Earth. Picture yourself surrounded by miles of warm golden sand and crystal-clear blue waters gently caressing the shoreline—a sight that soothes the mind and nourishes the soul.

When you visit Nilaveli, this idyllic scene can become your reality, and if you seek adventure, you can immerse yourself in diving or snorkeling activities. The area offers ideal conditions for these pursuits, allowing you to discover the hidden treasures of the underwater world. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Pigeon Island, where you can navigate along the rocky terrain or snorkel amidst the vibrant marine life.

Having emerged from the aftermath of civil unrest, the Trincomalee district has undergone significant development and is rapidly becoming a sought-after tourist destination. With improved infrastructure, finding suitable accommodation in Nilaveli that fits your budget and preferences has become convenient.

Experience the sheer beauty and tranquility of Nilaveli, where pristine beaches and thrilling underwater adventures await. It’s a destination that promises an unforgettable getaway.


Situated along the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, this delightful coastal town holds the distinction of being the island’s first docking settlement. Despite its close proximity to the bustling beach resorts of Bentota and Aluthgama, Beruwala has managed to preserve its charming essence as an old fishing village.

The serenity of this town is amplified by the lively morning scene of fishing boats arriving and fishermen skillfully mooring their vibrant vessels, eager to compare their night’s bountiful catch. In the heart of Beruwala, the town center hums with commercial activities, while the surrounding beach offers an idyllic escape for a perfect vacation. With its inviting waters, it’s an ideal spot for swimming, and the refreshing ocean breeze that sweeps through the area all day makes it one of Sri Lanka’s finest stretches of shoreline.


Situated on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, this delightful coastal town holds the distinction of being the initial mooring settlement on the island. Despite its proximity to the lively beach resorts of Bentota and Aluthgama, Beruwala has managed to preserve its charming allure as an ancient fishing village.

The serene ambiance of this town is further enhanced by the bustling morning scene of fishing boats arriving and diligent fishermen skillfully docking their vibrant vessels, eagerly comparing their night’s abundant catch. While the town center of Beruwala bustles with commercial activities, the surrounding beach offers an idyllic setting for a perfect holiday. The water is perfect for swimming, and the pleasant ocean breeze that wafts throughout the day makes it one of the finest beach stretches in Sri Lanka.


Passikuda is situated on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka within the Batticaloa district. After years of inaccessibility due to the civil conflict that afflicted the country, the eastern coast of Sri Lanka is gradually earning a reputation as an idyllic beach destination.

Since the conflict ended, Sri Lanka has become increasingly renowned as a paradise holiday spot, with significant infrastructure development in the East coast to cater to the needs of visitors. With its Palmyra and coconut trees adorning the landscape, along with the crystal-clear waters of Passikuda Bay, it’s no wonder that visitors feel as though they’ve arrived in paradise. The bay itself boasts shallow waters, making it safe for swimming and snorkeling. Many travelers now flock to this area to relish the soft sandy beaches and refreshing pristine ocean waters. Whether relaxing in the tranquil beach atmosphere or engaging in activities like kite surfing, boat or canoe rides, or even boogie boarding, Passikuda offers something for everyone. It’s an ideal location for family vacations, as each member will discover something of interest. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore nearby attractions such as the Dutch Fort or the Chapel Hill Lighthouse. At Passikuda, sun, sea, sand, and cultural history converge, making it a must-visit destination that is steadily rising in popularity.


Situated approximately 35km south of the capital city, Colombo, Wadduwa is a captivating small coastal town. It is highly desired by those in search of peace, beautiful sandy beaches, and inviting azure ocean waters.

Within the local area, Wadduwa is renowned for its cultivation of coconut palms and the production of coconut toddy, a local alcoholic beverage, as well as vinegar, both of which are byproducts of coconuts. Legend has it that the town acquired its name due to its reputation as the village of native healers. Presently, visitors to Wadduwa are drawn to its picturesque stretch of curved golden sands adorned with swaying palm trees, the azure waters that offer ideal conditions for water sports, and the neighboring fishing villages. This charming town is perfect for exploring and immersing oneself in the local culture. One can browse through the various jewelry shops and handicraft stalls, as well as indulge in local cuisine served at the quaint roadside eateries. Overall, Wadduwa provides a relaxed atmosphere, and even in the evenings, the beaches offer a serene setting. While some hotels may boast a lively nightlife, the beaches themselves remain tranquil and serene both day and night.


Situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Tangalle is a quaint town located in the Hambantota District. Its primary allure lies in its peaceful ambiance and stunning sandy beaches.

Tangalle is nestled within a rocky outcrop and serves as a bustling fishing port in the region. It has become a sought-after vacation spot for individuals in search of sunshine, the sea, and tranquility. The ocean waters surrounding Tangalle offer favorable conditions for swimming, and the local hotels also provide opportunities for various water sports. Additionally, diving is a popular activity in this area, particularly because it is renowned for its turtle population.


Jaffna, situated in the northernmost part of Sri Lanka, is a city that showcases the grandeur of the island’s history. It is known for being one of the oldest inhabited regions in South Asia.

Located on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, Jaffna’s proximity to the Indian Subcontinent is evident in its rich cultural heritage. The terrain in this area differs from the rest of the island, characterized by low, flat limestone beds, shallow lagoons, and tall Palmyra trees that enhance the serene atmosphere. Off the coast, there are several captivating small islands, each displaying a similar landscape. It is the unique blend of culture, the allure of a vivid and vibrant history, and the picturesque surroundings that make Jaffna a highly sought-after destination for travelers. The architectural influences of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial periods are reflected in some of the old buildings, while the South Indian influence is evident in the various Hindu temples. Nature enthusiasts can explore the lagoons, which are home to fascinating birdlife, and the palm-fringed beaches of Jaffna are simply exquisite. Furthermore, one of the main attractions of Jaffna is the authentic “Yaal” cuisine, making a visit to Jaffna truly worthwhile.


Bentota, situated on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, is a well-liked beach resort. It is located approximately 65km from the capital city of Colombo and lies on the route to the southern capital city of Galle.

The picturesque setting of this charming resort, encompassed by the Indian Ocean, a lagoon, and the Bentara River, makes it a perfect destination for both nature enthusiasts and water sports lovers. The gentle, rolling nature of the river creates an ideal environment for beginners in windsurfing, while the lagoon and ocean waters offer optimal conditions for a wide range of water sports. Additionally, the area is renowned for its ancient Sri Lankan healing art known as Ayurveda. Moreover, Bentota is famous for the local beverage called “Ra,” which is made from fermented coconut nectar and is known for its intoxicating properties.
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Mirissa is a picturesque coastal town with a beautiful expanse of beach that serves as a popular stopover for tourists en route to Unawatuna. It is an ideal destination for family vacations, providing endless hours of enjoyment on the beach, and is well-known for its whale watching opportunities.

Located at the southern tip of Sri Lanka, Mirissa boasts a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere. Despite its proximity to the lively hustle and bustle of Unawatuna, you will feel as though you are miles away as you and your family relish in a peaceful beach holiday filled with delightful moments. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, while the tropical ambiance of Sri Lanka envelops you, inducing a state of complete relaxation. The area offers reasonably priced and comfortable accommodation options, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious visitors looking to have a memorable experience.


Koggala stands out with its remarkable feature of having the longest beach stretch in Sri Lanka. It is an ideal destination for beach enthusiasts seeking soft sands and warm sunshine.

Compared to its neighboring towns like Unawatuna or Hikkaduwa, Koggala is relatively less crowded and exudes a more laid-back atmosphere. Visitors to Koggala will find numerous intriguing attractions to explore, both within the town and its surroundings. These include a turtle hatchery, a unique blow hole experience, and a folk museum showcasing the traditional aspects of Sri Lanka, among others. Koggala presents an excellent option for a beach holiday, offering absolute tranquility and relaxation. The area provides a range of superb accommodation options, known for their exceptional hospitality. For those seeking additional exploration, day trips to nearby areas like Galle can be made for sightseeing, shopping, and dining, with the joy of returning in the evening to the serene haven of Koggala. Delight in diving and snorkeling adventures in the refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean.
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